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The Importance of Regular Curtain Cleaning in Singapore

Curtain Cleaning

“Do I really need to get curtain cleaning services that often?”

As someone in the industry for more than 2 decades, I must say that this is a very frequently asked question. Many assume that since the curtains are left to hang indoors (mostly), they cannot be too dirty and so, frequent cleaning is not really necessary. Well, yes and no. You do not have to clean it as frequently as, say, your sofa covers, but it's highly recommended that they be cleaned at least once a year.

How dirty are my curtains?

Curtains can add a real touch of class or bring out the personality of your home. They not only look good, but also block out light and maintain a sense of privacy for your family. As they are not something that we “think” of on a daily basis, many people tend not to consider curtain cleaning as something essential. However, the truth of the matter is that curtains can get really dirty. They can be a real “warehouse” for dust and allergens, especially those with thicker fabrics and multi-layered types.

For curtains that are not exposed to wet weather, the “dirt” accumulated on the fabrics are mainly dust and allergens. These are the main triggers of allergy reactions for asthma attacks, sneezing, runny noses, even coughs. Allergens are tiny particles and they are often either blown into our homes or carried indoors on our garments. Due to curtains' large surface areas, they form a good “catcher” of these allergens and dust.

For curtains that are exposed to some rain, it is even more imperative that they are cleaned often. This is because the risk of mould proliferation is very high in humid Singapore. If the fabrics are infested with mould, the spores released can be really bad not only for people with allergies but also for young children and elderly folks.

By getting a curtain cleaning service regularly, you can actually protect your family from unnecessary risk of exposure to harmful allergens and mould spores. You would be surprised how this simple act can save your loved ones from a lot of allergy symptoms.

What's the best way to maintain my curtains?

We always advise customers to send curtains for professional dry cleaning. It may be a more premium service but the benefits certainly outweigh the costs. Dry cleaning your curtains has the following benefits:

1. Structural integrity of the fabric may be better maintained versus washing it yourself using a washing machine.

2. Reduced risk of shrinkage of your curtains. Over the years, we have seen how wet laundry can cause curtains to shrink by more than 20%. This is not to say that your curtains will not “shrink” during dry-cleaning, but the quantum of shrinkage is usually less than 5%. Just to clarify, dry-cleaning will not cause your curtains to shrink. The shrinkage is actually due to a relaxation of the fabric, where the process of dry cleaning releases the stored tension in the fabric, and the curtain returns to its actual length.

3. The colour and vibrancy of the fabric can be better protected against degradation.

4. Dry cleaning is a sure way of ensuring that most of the allergens or mould spores will be eliminated.

5. The lifespan of the curtains will be extended with frequent cleaning. This is contrary to the popular belief that a longer period of time in between cleaning can extend the lifespan of the curtains. Actually, regular curtain dry cleaning can extend the fabric's usable duration as the removal of dirt and dust will actually slow down degradation.

How often should my curtains be cleaned?

We recommend curtains be dry cleaned at least once a year. It is important, though, to find a reliable dry cleaner to clean your curtains. We highly recommend that you check to ensure that the dry cleaner you send to has its own factory. This will ensure utmost professionalism and quality assurance from the service provider. Some dry cleaners provide the additional service of curtains removal and installation too for your added convenience.

It is very crucial for your home or office to have well-maintained curtains. This will keep allergens and dirt at bay while making the ambience pleasant and comfortable for the occupants. Talk to us today for a reliable curtain cleaning service in Singapore!


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