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Laundry Club's laundry service is often called wet-wash and deemed as the best cleaning solution for garments-- water and detergent.  Still the most effective in removing odour and foreign particles set in fabrics and textile.

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Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is not as dry as you think. It's a cleaning process that uses a solvent other than water and is actually wet.  Check your care label to determine if dry clean is for your garment. 

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Hand Wash

For delicate and intricate items, hand washing may be the preferred and safest choice in cleaning and washing.

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Curtain Cleaning

To wet-wash or dry clean? That is the question.  Let our experts ascertain the proper way to wash your curtains for the best outcome. Click here.


Carpet Cleaning

Specialising in carpet cleaning for over 22 years. Allow our professional laundry experts to handle your carpets the right way. Click here.

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