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Carpet Cleaning Services Singapore

Keep your carpets fresh, dry, and clean.

Take a look at the carpet below you? When was the last time you have them cleaned? No, we didn’t mean vacuum clean but the real carpet cleaning service. So when was it? Last month? Last year? Several months ago?


If you look at your carpet, you will not be able to see the accumulated dirt, dust, pet fur, and other allergens that linger on the surface. They might be invisible to the eyes until your carpet turns grey in several areas and thus, more difficult to clean. That’s why carpet cleaning must not be a “when it’s visibly dirty” thing. It must be done regularly and with the help of a professional carpet cleaner in Singapore.

How will you benefit from regular carpet cleaning service?

You didn’t buy your carpet for a cheap price so you probably wish to have it served your home for long. Cleaning your carpet regularly helps keep it in good condition. It's much easier to spend some money on a carpet cleaning service than to replace the entire piece. This is particularly important if your carpet is new or if you're planning on selling your home soon.

Should you have pets or little kids at home, you really need a regular carpet cleaning service done for you. Pet litters and fur tend to stick to your carpet leaving bad odour and allergens in the house. Kids, on the other hand, can leave traces of mud, sweat and spilled food, and drinks on your carpet while playing around the house. When left for long, this dirt buildup becomes harder to clean and might cost you more than to just have the carpet regularly cleaned. 

Your home simply cannot look tidy if the carpets are unclean. Vacuum cleaning your carpet every day is a good way to minimize dirt buildup on its surface but it will not suffice for a longer duration. A professional carpet cleaning service is still recommended to remove deep-seated dirt and stains. 


The Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Singapore


The Laundry Club offers the best carpet cleaning service in Singapore. We know how to handle your carpets with care while keeping the dirt, bacteria and bad odour at bay. Our intensive carpet cleaning can revive and refresh your carpet even after several years of decorating your home.

Carpets are inarguably one of the most used fabrics in your home. Don't let dirt, dust, and stains stay on your carpet as dirt and dust may stir up allergies and stains may not come off if left untreated. Our services include dry cleaning and laundry of all sorts of fabric, from winter clothes to curtains, we have the right service for you. We, at The Laundry Club in Singapore, pride ourselves on serving the country for more than twenty-two years with excellent cleaning services. Call up a professional carpet cleaning expert to take care of your needs today.

Carpets & Rugs

$3.50 per square foot depending on thickness and condition.

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Drycleaning services, Laundry Club, Singapore, Laundry

Attention to detail

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Expert service

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Professional cleaning with installation

Rolled Up Rugs

Carpet Care Specialist

Call a professional carpet cleaner today!

Why Laundry Club

We deliver

We deliver consistent quality laundry services and now, at your doorsteps.

5 Outlets

Drop-off or collect your laundry at any of our outlets islandwide. 

22 Years

Professional and reliable laundry services and dry cleaning serving Singapore for  over

22 years.

Drycleaning services, Laundry Club, Singapore

OWN Factory

We laundry and dry clean in our very own factory.  Quality assurance at the right environment and equipment.

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