Curtain Cleaning

Do you laundry or dry clean your curtains?

Curtains come in different sizes and different materials.  Not to mention constant exposure to harsh sunlight, strong winds, and dust in Singapore, curtain fabrics tend to weaken over time. Washed and dried the wrong way, curtains are prone to shrinkage as well as damage.

Whether its laundry service or dry cleaning, allow our professional laundry experts to handle your curtains the correct way as we have been doing so for over 22 years.  Call or WhatsApp us now at 9111-0780 for a free consultation and convenient curtain pick-up and delivery.  We also provide curtain installation and dismantling services.

$0.90 per pleat

(Day Curtains)

$9.50 per kg

(Normal Curtains)

$12.50 per kg

(Blackout Curtains)

$35.00 (min)


  • Prices are in SGD and subject to 7% GST

  • Free delivery for a minimum net spend of $30 else an $8 delivery fee applies. (For Home Delivery service only)

Frequently asked questions

Curtain Cleaning

How much does it cost to dry clean curtains?

At The Laundry Club in Singapore, dry cleaning your night curtains can cost you $9.50 per kilo. Black-out curtains start at $12.50 per kilo. All prices are subjected to 7% GST.

Do curtains need to be dry cleaned?

If your curtains are made of fabric that doesn't go well with water, you may have to go to a local dry cleaners for them to get cleaned properly.

How often should you dry clean your curtains?

Experts at The Laundry Club recommends you to get your curtains dry cleaned at least every 6 months to promote longevity for the fabric and to also lessen allergens such as bacteria, dust and dirt from staining permanently.

How can I dry clean curtains at home?

Dry cleaning is done with special chemicals other than water. Though you can certainly clean at home and try your hand at DIY but curtains don't really turn out to be clean enough. Also, do you really want to risk damage, shrinkage, and breakage? Contact your local dry cleaners to help you out with your needs today.

How do you clean curtains without washing them?

If you don't have to time to bring down your curtains and wash them, you can vacuum in the meantime. However, it would be best to bring your curtains to your dry cleaners as soon as convenient.

Are curtains washable?

Yes, most curtains are washable, just make sure to put them in a laundry mesh bag and on the gentlest setting as possible. To make sure that your curtains get the cleanest treatment possible, kindly bring them to your dry cleaners for professional servicing and cleaning.

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Drycleaning services, Laundry Club, Singapore

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