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Best Dry Cleaning Services in Singapore

Many laundry service shops in Singapore offer dry cleaning services as one of their laundry services. As some clothes can only be dry cleaned, dry cleaning services in Singapore is very important. The very reason that the clothes which are typically dry cleaned are specialty pieces and worth at least a good fortune, dry cleaning must be done with utmost care and professionalism. The last thing you’ll want as a client is to have your treasured wedding dress poorly maintained and damaged.

For silk, wool and other delicate fabrics, choose dry cleaning as your method of cleaning.

Dry cleaning is typically recommended for delicate garments and certain fabrics to avoid damage, shrinkage and preservation of shape and colour.  Though water is a fantastic solvent in bringing detergents deep into the fabrics of garments for effective cleaning, the ability of the H2O molecules in penetrating fabric structures allows it to deliver cleaning agents deep into the fibres, which many a time, can also affect the integrity, look and feel of the same fabric.


Hence, dry cleaning is the recommended choice of high-end fashion designers and manufacturers when it comes to cleaning and caring for garments. It's ideal for suits, blouses and dresses especially those with lining and paddings.  Formal wears like tuxedos and gowns, traditional clothing, and other rarely used apparel can only be cleaned by the dry cleaning method. It provides safe cleaning that will not harm most beadworks and delicate structures of those types of clothes. Dry cleaning can protect these delicate fabrics so that your most expensive and high-quality clothes can last longer.

Whether it is laundry service or dry cleaning, allow our Singapore-based professional laundry experts to handle your garments the correct way as we have been doing so for over 22 years. Call or WhatsApp us now at 9111-0780 for a free consultation and convenient laundry pick-up and delivery. 

Dry Cleaning

from $6.90 for

Shirts and trousers

$9.50 for Suits

Dry Cleaning

from $6.90 for

Blouses, slacks and skirts

Professional Woman
  • Prices are in SGD and subject to 7% GST

  • Free delivery for a minimum net spend of $30 else an $8 delivery fee applies. (For Home Delivery service only)

Our Services
Drycleaning services, Laundry Club, Singapore

Attention to detail

Drycleaning services, Laundry Club, Singapore

Expert service

Drycleaning services, Laundry Club, Singapore, Curtain Cleaning



Professional cleaning with installation

Drycleaning services, Laundry Club, Singapore, Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your carpets fresh and clean

Why Laundry Club

We deliver

We deliver consistent quality laundry services and now, at your doorsteps.

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Drop-off or collect your laundry at any of our outlets islandwide. 

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Professional and reliable dry cleaning and laundry services, serving Singapore since 1998.

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We laundry and dry clean in our very own factory.  Quality assurance at the right environment and equipment.

Thinking about dry cleaning your curtains? Call us today for professional advice!

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