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Dry Cleaning Services

Top Dry Cleaning Service in Singapore

Trust Laundry Club for premier dry cleaning in Singapore with over 20 years of experience. Our dry cleaning experts provide exceptional service and care for all your garments. We customize our methods to gently clean each fabric while preventing damage. Keep your delicate fabrics looking their best with Laundry Club's professional dry cleaning in Singapore. We expertly care for silks, satins, cashmere, sequined or beaded clothing, and other "dry clean only" items. Items that tend to be dry cleaned include:

Dry Cleaning Options

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Our Dry Cleaning Process

From delicate silks to everyday wear, our knowledgeable team hand selects the ideal dry cleaning solvents to properly care for each item. We meticulously inspect, clean, press and finish every garment. Your clothes receive specialized attention at each stage. Express services (24-hour and 48-hour) are available for quick turnarounds.

Expert Care for Delicates

With decades of experience, Laundry Club's dry cleaning professionals have the expertise to properly care for all fabrics. We'll advise you on the ideal methods for your clothes. Your garments will look their best, safely cleaned without shrinkage or damage.

Personalized Service

We do our best to tailor our dry cleaning services to your personal preferences. Let us know your special requests for ironing, folding, hanging, or any finishing touches. 

Convenient locations across Singapore

Drop off and pick up your dry cleaning at any of our 5 outlets conveniently located in major malls and near MRT stations across Singapore. We also offer pickup and delivery service right to your door.

What exactly is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a process that uses chemical solvents to remove dirt, oils, and stains from clothes. Unlike traditional laundry methods, which use water and detergent, dry cleaning relies on specialized equipment and solvents that evaporate quickly without damaging the fabric.

Dry Cleaning Prices

Laundry Club offers some of the most affordable dry cleaning prices in Singapore, making it the go-to choice for those seeking cheap and cost-effective garment cleaning services. Our discounted rates ensure that you can enjoy high-quality dry cleaning without breaking the bank. Experience the convenience of our services at a price that won't strain your budget.


We offer the lowest minimum spend for FREE pickup and delivery in Singapore!

Service Time Options

Need next day dry cleaning? Fit your laundry to your schedule! Laundry Club offers a range of service times for laundry services (Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Ironing and any Add-on services). Please note that Express options may not be available for certain bulky-items or curtains.

24-hr Super Express

*Laundry must be picked up by 12noon latest.

Whatsapp us to make a booking.

48-hr Express

Get your freshly cleaned laundry back as quickly as 48 hours.

6-day Regular

Budget-friendly convenience with no extra charges.

Ready to book but not sure how it works?

From booking to fresh laundry delivered to your doorstep, in 4 easy steps!

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