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Contactless Pick-up and Delivery

Home Delivery Made Safer

Drycleaning services, Laundry Club, Singapore

We have your safety in mind by introducing a contactless pick-up and delivery service. We are implementing additional safety measures to protect you and our staff from COVID19 or any virus.


  1. We will pick-up your laundry in a bag outside your home and we will do the assessment, sorting, and counting of items at the HQ.  

  2. Our drivers will no longer count, inspect as well as issue an itemised invoice in front of the customer so as to minimise contact and maintain social distancing.

  3. Customers are encouraged to submit a list of items for laundry by whatsapp to our hotline (9111-0780). HQ will confirm with the customer in the form of an itemised invoice with pricing. Customers will also be advised of any stains, material damage, missing buttons, etc. to the items.  Washing will only proceed upon payment and confirmation of the invoice by the customer.

  4. For any unreconciled disputes, we will send back the laundry items/bag to the customer prior to washing with an $8 delivery fee.

  5. Customers are encouraged to pay by PayNow or Credit Card.

  6. Upon delivery, our hotline will schedule a delivery schedule with customers and if the premises allow, our driver will leave the freshly washed laundry at your doorsteps and take a photo. Our photo will be proof of delivery.  You may put a chair outside your door for your clean clothes. 

  7. These additional terms and conditions shall apply to supplement our current conditions of service and will override any contrasting clauses.  


Please acknowledge that you have read and understood the above before we provide you with laundry services. Thank you for your kind understanding. Stay safe and keep well!

Got questions? Reach out to a Representative today!

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