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HYPOCLEANZ: Best thing that's happened to laundry!

Covid-19 has indeed impacted everyone's lives. Never before has any event caused so much furor, fear and panic in the history of Singapore and the world. Companies are forced to adapt and innovate, as well as offer solutions to the new world order. One laundry company has decided to push forward and introduce probably one of the best innovations in the laundry industry while tapping into well-established but very much underutilized technologies.

Early 2021, The Laundry Club has been quietly testing a new cleaning method. It needed an answer to customer needs for a safer laundry solution that could sanitize clothing against Covid-19 to keep themselves and their families safe. By April 2021, The Laundry Club introduced its new way of doing laundry called HYPOCLEANZ.

Hypocleanz is a method of cleaning that infuses water with Ozone and Silver Ions to give you a chemical-free, antimicrobial, wet-based laundry process.

Ozone has been used for decades in water processing plants because of its highly effective “killing power” of viruses, bacteria and microbes. Not only that, Ozone is also a great cleanser as well as deodorizer leaving your clothes and linens with a fresh, sun-dried scent. Silver Ions, on the other hand, are frequently used in topical antibacterial cream due to their antiseptic nature. During the washing process, Ozone piped into the cleaning machines will act in 3 ways: kill microbes, cleans dirt, and remove odours. Silver Ions will provide a layer of coating on the fabric that will offer antimicrobial protection for up to 30 days. This means that any microbe landing on your garments during the protective period will be rendered harmless.

Another huge benefit of using HypoCleanz is its hypoallergenic nature, making it great for babies, little children, and anyone with sensitive skin or allergies like eczema. This is because HypoCleanz eliminates the need for any harmful chemicals during the cleaning process.

So if you want a laundry service in Singapore that is clean, hypoallergenic and effective against viruses and other microbes for up to 30 days, ask for HYPOCLEANZ at any of our Laundry Club outlets or home delivery service (9111-0780).

The Laundry Club Pte Ltd is a professional linen cleaning company which has been dedicated to providing the best quality laundry and dry cleaning service for over 22 years. The company operates 8 conveniently located outlets plus home delivery service in beautiful, sunny Singapore.

Singapore outlets:

  1. HQ – 3 Senang Crescent S416577

  2. Clementi Mall #B1-01

  3. Eastpoint Mall #B1-15

  4. Hillion Mall #B2-21

  5. Jurong Point #B1-34

  6. Thomson Plaza #03-35

  7. Viva Vista #B1-40

  8. Waterway Point #B2-16C

For more information please visit: or contact us!

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