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Detailed Pricelists - Carpets & Curtains

Did you know that carpets, curtains and draperies can actually last longer when you give them the needed maintenance? 

Cleaning the carpet regularly helps to keep it in decent shape. It's a lot cheaper to invest on a regular carpet cleaning service than to replace the whole carpet when it wears out. 

That is why the Laundry club offers very affordable carpet and curtain cleaning services in Singapore. We understand that you want to make the most out of your investment and we will gladly help you with that.

Here is the list of the rates for our carpet and curtain cleaning services:


*Actual prices may vary depending on the material, thickness, length and/or design.​

Prices are in SGD and subject to 8% GST. Call or WhatsApp us now at 9111-0780 for convenient pick-up and delivery or visit your favourite outlets now!

Why Laundry Club

We deliver

We deliver consistent quality laundry services and now, at your doorsteps.

6 Outlets

Drop-off or collect your laundry at any of our outlets islandwide. 

22 Years

Professional and reliable laundry services and dry cleaning serving Singapore for over 22 years.

OWN Factory

We laundry and dry clean in our very own factory.  Quality assurance at the right environment and equipment.

Got questions? Reach out to a Representative today!

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